Drew Buddie

Twitter, follow people e.g.Drew Buddie to find other people who might have info that is useful. Can use as a way of searching for things rather than using google as a search engine. Is like personal recommendation. TweetDeck

Wordle - use for English, words can link to their meaning.

Kerpoof - chn can make stills with dialogue and also movies.

Toondoo - comic strips, no drawing involved. Could be used for R.S, History esp for Special Needs. Can do a print screen for the chn to have their own copy rather than pay to be able to export.

Glogster - can make posters, also useful for revision tool (more visual) glogster.com/edu is more safe to use with young children

Moviestorm - free but buy add ons, like Simms, 3d type graphics.

Sumopaint.com - image editing software suitable for younger children

Picnik - image editing software suitable for younger children

Tim Rylands - uses Myst with classes for Literacy, shows scenery and gets chn to say how they're feeling seeing it.

Samarost 1 & 2 - text free adventures, Ewan Macintosh, some free versions or more for £5

Powerleague - lets chn use it as a way of debating by putting up people or items e.g. lettuce & carrot and asking them which is better for you to eat.

Xtranormal is 13 +

Doug Belshaw

Edmodo - used a bit like Think.com, child safety issues, can prove that your links are genuine, chn can join their teachers class and then can be set homework and store files on it.
Flickr - can add tags to photos, can be public or private
Open source schools - examples of software you can use for free, audacity esp, the gimp is similar to photoshop

Delicious.com - can store your bookmarks online so that you can access them from anywhere

google reader - www.google.com/reader

Viki - can download you tube videos so can be viewed offline

Questionaut on BBC bitesize - game with no text and chn have to find their way around by clicking

Tutpup - good for maths games, can play people across the world

Music - www.mixable.co.uk, take professional track and vocal track and chn can mix it themselves and the competition prize is to put the tracks on itunes.