comic pages -, ThinkQuest getting points for collaborating with children from different countries...

Tweetdeck - for Twitter, free, if someone talks about you the put an @before your name and you get an email that they have referenced you. # lets you do keyword searches for events etc
Use twitter as google to get personal recommendations

loads of examples of different software and sites

Wordle interesting for picking out key words in text (i.e. poetry) but open to all

Kerpoof - use like Kartouch for comic stip of MacBeth etc. Great and really easy to use - funny. Can use with younger ones too.
Double-click in the white space next to an object and the other ones around it will change to match it.

Toondo - great comic strip, for philosophical discussions, stories etc. need to register but use print screen to record

Use Golgster to make mm posters - great for revision combing text, images, soundfiles about topic. all can then share. use for music/ICT projects this term. can embed youtube videos, talking heads etc. more walled garden.
[mirandar, pw r]

talk to companies re age restrictions for i.e. talking avatars

Movie storm - free but need to pay for add ons.

prezi - powerpoint on speed

aviary - online version of Photoshop; segments things is similar
the gimp - open source version

Tim Rylands(?) - Myst for Literacy
Samarost - text free adventures - beautiful landscapes that you can navigate through. have to work out what to do, not instructions - do a search for text free adventures and there are loads more

Powerleague - produced by futurelab - talk about/debate big issues in leagues, i.e. most important invention in a VISUAL way

xtranormal - 13+ but talk to them about this. adds animations to playscripts; can take a while to render talk music and vocal track and remix it yourself - prize for this and winners released on itunes
puresoul - professional karaoke

edmodo - try experimenting with tutees - or look at doing the same with think.

posterous - good for updating parents re trips etc, can email updates and images and they are posted in the blog. can email word docs and they are embedded in the blog. it creates a slide show of pictures and can also embed PowerPoint. media player for music, or podcasts. Pupil use their school email address and create their own space. can have many emails linked to one blog so that when pupils email it all ends up on one page.

structure and safety for blogging
can subscribe to the RSS feed of a pupil's blog
remember copyright too

google images - safe search on Flickr is safer? can tag photos with keywords

Creative Commons licence - middle ground for copyright. can use and edit but must give credit -> attribution and share-alike

Open source - MSoft give you the meal, open source gives you the recipe - open source schools

delicious - store bookmarks online - or diiga
RSS feed - takes content, leaves style behind. can do through i.e. google reader.

animoto for music/ict videos?

google docs - word, excel and pp versions. no transitions...
can automatically update results

xfruits - rss feeds