Welcome - Introduction to Web 2.0

Twitter - #area6ict
- repond to poeples quotes idea's
Twitter Account JPMarker

Drew's session (pupil-focused)

MOviestorm - useful for movies http://www.moviestorm.co.uk/MSDB/HomePageServlet

Tim rylands

pupil can creat there own league or join technology league
MIXABLE remix competition for SENIORS

Doug's session (teacher-focused)

  • Edmodo - way to interact with students in VLE-like environment (http://edmodo.com) VLE _ claender for students to know where they are with in the SOW and open blog for students to ask - experiemnt with year10 see how they cope.

  • Posterous - very easy-to-use and 'intelligent' blog-by-email platform (http://posterous.com) useful for keeping uptodate with trips - good for parents - good to send information to students - mark online -