Twitter userids - @digitalmaverick, dajbelshaw, #area6ict, @warwickrobots, @zangolin

Kerpoof - Disney owned - make cartoons/animation, interactive with perspective, etc. Make movies.

Use comic strips in SEN.

Glogster - make (interactive) posters. No age restriction, some inappropriate content, possibly. Use with caution. is more controlled. investigate.

Sumo paint and picnik for online image editing.

Using Myst to teach literacy - Tim Rylands (?)

Samorost - linear interactive game/adventure. Powerleague website to provoke group discussions. Futurelabs - advice and ideas site. Voting/discussion based on votes, etc.

xtranormal online movie/animation making. 13+ license, but will talk about that; @xtranormal on twitter (I think!) - Remix your own songs, enter into competitions. - professional backing tracks and lyrics

Edtechroundup - sunday night discussions around tech in education. - blogging platform, but via e-mail. Does smart stuff with attachments; turns Word/PPT into scribd presentations.

Critical partners - great idea; pair up children, critique each other's work.

Other ideas not covered
Artrage and Artweaver - free computer drawing packages that are written from the artist's perspective.
Mahara, Moodle

My edu blog -

Make screencasts with Jing